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DESH – One Man’s Truth

Lucinda Al-Zoghbi goes behind the scenes to observe a master at work in an exclusive interview with Akram Khan and a preview of his latest work DESH.

19 September 2011

Feature, Issue-114

Dharambir Singh – the UK’s own sitar maestro

An acknowledged master of the sitar, Dharambir Singh, recently honoured by with MBE, shares with Jahnavi Harrison the trials on the way to reaching his position and the satisfaction of paving the way for the next generation of UK-based South Asian musicians.

19 September 2011

Issue-114, Profile

Song of the City

It is 150 years since the birth of Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali writer, musician, artist and all-round Renaissance man. To mark the occasion, Akademi has commissioned and produced a new dance piece by Ash Mukherjee.

19 September 2011

Issue-114, Review, Review - Dance Performance


For many years the Nrityagram Dance Ensemble has been led by the school’s very first student, the dancer and choreographer Surupa Sen. And so, fittingly, it was she who appeared with two other dancers, Bijayini Satpathy and Pavithra Reddy, in a rather sparsely-staged and yet rewarding programme of solos, duets and trios at the 2011 edition of the Edinburgh International Festival. 

19 September 2011

Issue-114, Review, Review - Dance Performance

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