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Around the time that I was delivering the final drop-ins for my India chapters in the Europe, Asia & Pacific volume for what would be the third and final edition of the Rough Guide to World Music, there was a bloom of new talent working in East-West fusion forms emerging.

18 December 2012

Issue-119, Review, Review - CD

Prattyush Banerjee

Darbar founder Sandeep Virdee has been outspoken in his desire to present lesser-known talents each year. ‘Unveiling Afternoon Ragas’ was hardly the most exciting title of this final day afternoon session, but what ensued definitely was.

18 December 2012

Issue-119, Review, Review - Music Performance

Be Like Water

How much of us is found in others? For visual artist, choreographer and performer Hetain Patel, his discoveries take to the philosophy of his childhood hero, martial artist Bruce Lee: “Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless like water.”

18 December 2012

Issue-119, Review, Review - Dance Performance


Sanjoy Roy launches the first in a three-part series by speaking to the iconic choreographer herself and tracing the twists and turns in the Company’s stylistic vision.

18 December 2012

Feature, Issue-119

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