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Svara-Kanti – In Search of Connections

Svara-Kanti means ‘the beauty of musical sounds’. Guitarist and composer Simon Thacker talks to Seetal Gahir about the shape-shifting musical cultures, from Hendrix to Indian classical and folk styles, on which he drew to create the album Rakshasa.

13 September 2013

Feature, Issue-122

Apoorva Jayaraman

The first winner of the new Nritya Ratna award (‘The Jewel of Dance’) talks to Sanjeevini Dutta about the place of dance in her life.

13 September 2013

Issue-122, Young Pulse

She Ra

After an enthusiastic response to her solo work The Spirit of Frida at the Epic Women Conference in December 2012, Dutch dancer-choreographer Kalpana Raghuraman was back in Chennai to present a new work, She Ra, commissioned by Ramli Ibrahim of Malaysian-based Sutra Dance Theatre.

13 September 2013

Issue-122, Review, Review - Dance Performance

Call of Bangalore

Call of Bangalore begins with an agile-minded, musically unafraid opening gambit. With its title slyly alluding to her birthplace, this studio album not only shows off violinist Jyotsna Srikanth’s roots but also her command of melodicism, rhythmicality and pace.

13 September 2013

Issue-122, Review, Review - CD

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