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Publisher and the Board

The publisher of Pulse, Kadam Asian Dance and Music was formed in 1995 and is directed by Sanjeevini Dutta, a dancer, educator, curator and since 2008, the editor of www.pulseconnects.com. Sanjeevini Dutta was awarded an MBE in 2022 for her services to dance in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

The charity is run by a voluntary board of four members: Yasmin Whittaker-Khan, youth worker and playwright; Samir Bhamra, theatre director and producer; Susan Spencer, teacher; and Simon Richardson, dance and theatre photographer, the Chairman of Kadam.

The History

Pulse, the dedicated magazine for South Asian dance in the UK was published by Kadam from 2002 until end 2017 when it  migrated to the website www.pulseconnects.com.

Kadam acquired Pulse from Aditi, the umbrella body for South Asian dance that existed until 2001. There are fifty-six issues that chart the development of South Asian dance in Britain. Pulse has had three editors: Anita Dawood Nasser 2002, Chitra Sundaram 2003-2007, and the current editor Sanjeevini Dutta from 2008 onwards.

Meet The Team

Sanjeevini Dutta

Commissioning Editor 

Sanjeevini Dutta has been a part of the South Asian dance sector for over four decades. She trained in odissi with Shankar Behera in Bombay. In the UK she has been a performer, educator, curator and promoter, first as a freelancer and then as director of Kadam Asian Dance and Music. In 2008 she took over as Editor of Pulse. She commissions articles and reviews; watches dance of all genres and attends a weekly odissi class. She has produced and edited thirty-nine issues of Pulse magazine since June 2008. The developments of the form and the emergence of new artists and works is a fascination for her which never dulls. In 2022 Sanjeevini was awarded an MBE for her services to dance in the Queen’s birthday honours.

Simon Richardson

Chief Photographer

Simon Richardson has photographed dance and performance for the last twenty-five years, with a particular focus on, and passion for, South Asian classical dance. He has photographed many dance companies and individuals, exhibited in Bedford, London and Ulaanbaatar and worked extensively around the world.

His love of sport fuels his passion for capturing the beauty of energy and movement whilst his empathy and insight into human nature gives him a sensitivity to the story behind the picture. Kadam/Pulse featured Simon Richardson’s body of work in the Banyan Tree exhibition which toured London, Leicester and Luton in 2021. 

Simon Ricardson has been the Chair of Kadam Asian Dance and Music since 1998.

Gopa Roy

Assistant Editor

Gopa trained in medieval English literature and her earlier career was spent in teaching and research. She joined Pulse in 2013 and is the indispensable eye of all that is published on the Pulse website. Her excellent command of the language and deep interest in dance, arts and literature makes her a valuable asset for Pulse.

Pritpal Ajimal


Pritpal has been designing within South Asian Arts for a very long time and has worked with many organisations and individuals in the scene. He started working with Pulse in 2006, refining and improving the aesthetic reading experience of the magazine since then. A combination of big bold imagery and exciting typography is signature style!

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