Asian Music and Dance


Untouchable is a work of remarkable power. Written by Peter Oswald and directed by Kathryn Hunter, it debuted in RADA’s [R]Evolution In Theatre season. The play is unflinchingly political.

27 September 2017

Issue-138, Review, Review - Theatre

Sukanya – The Opera

Myth, music and dance meet in Ravi Shankar’s operatic love story’ ran the Southbank Centre’s May Listings brochure. The London performance of Sukanya – The Opera was the fourth of four stagings.

23 June 2017

Issue-137, Review, Review - Theatre

Indian Summer

Many of the highly-decorative wall-based paintings, prints and collages in Indian Summer – a collaborative endeavour between Arts for India and the Albemarle Gallery – give rise to these autumnal hues and glows of hazy sunshine.

15 September 2014

Issue-126, Review, Review - Theatre

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