Asian Music and Dance


Although this internationally-acclaimed company is well-known to US audiences and has graced both the Edinburgh Fringe and international festivals in recent years, this was, inexplicably, their first London performance.

23 June 2015

Issue-129, Review, Review - Dance Performance

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The dancing was good and clear and the stagecraft was impressive. The multiple identities on stage created a disturbing, sometimes eerie effect, as when the live dancer stood before – or was it behind, or within? – her digitally-projected self. 

23 June 2015

Issue-129, Review, Review - Dance Conference

The King of Ghosts

For me, the Queen Elizabeth Hall has always resembled the interior of a vast spaceship. And tonight the audience was transported not to outer space but to a kind of parallel universe where shadowy ghosts from the forests of Bengal dance to the rhythm of the London Philharmonic Orchestra. 

23 June 2015

Issue-129, Review, Review - Music Performance

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