Asian Music and Dance

Orchestrating Sukanya

Composer David Murphy worked regularly with Ravi Shankar. He spoke to May Robertson about the intensity of their projects and how he approached his orchestration of Sukanya.

15 March 2017

Feature, Issue-136

Echoes and I Imagine

The setting of a theatre is not the most conducive to a meditative state; its dimensions are more utilitarian than spiritual and one’s focus on the stage is shared (in the case of the Lilian Baylis Studio) with about 180 other people.

15 March 2017

Issue-136, Review, Review - Dance Performance

The Bridge

The sitar concerto has had something of an emblematic status in the area of East-West ‘fusion’ music, ever since Ravi Shankar first showcased the form in his Concerto for Sitar and Orchestra of 1971.

15 March 2017

Issue-136, Review, Review - Music Performance

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