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Navadal Voices

Akademi’s national South Asian youth dance competition, Navadal (‘new shoots’), took place at the Birmingham Hippodrome on 15 July 2017, with fourteen solo dancers and four groups taking part. The judges were Andrew Hurst, Piali Ray, Pali Chandra, Archita Kumar and Kamala Devam. We congratulate the winners: Joanne Rose Thomas (solo 11‒16, student of Priya Sundar, bharatanatyam); Jaina Modasia (solo 17‒25, student of Sujata Banerjee, kathak); Sanskriti: Neha Sabbineni, Shaayiini Ravichandren, Rachana Sureshkumar, Keerthana Krishnamurthy, Brinda Anantharaju, Pritika Jothimurugan, Keshika Manivannan and Srihita Gunda (students of Pushkala Gopal, bharatanatyam). 

“The atmosphere backstage was thrilling, with each individual bringing…complete positive energy for one another… [It provided] an opportunity to present a small solo performance and work towards a target. The competition structure enhances your growth as a dancer and broadens your understanding.” Jaina Modasia 

“Navadal has set high standards for the participants and it is a tough competition. I met many talented dancers from various forms (kathak, bharatanatyam & kuchipudi).” Joanne Thomas 


“…a huge confidence boost for the whole team.” (Keerthana)

“…[helps one to] enjoy…and understand different dance styles…and helps dancers pursue their dance career.” (Shayini)

“…various dancers from various cultures and backgrounds [are brought] together.” (Prithika)

“…[a] workshop with an inspiring [dancer]…is as important and exciting as competing.” (Keshika)

“…a heart-opening competition where your soul can be released.” (Srihitha)

The winners will be performing in 2018 at the Southbank Centre’s Alchemy Festival.



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