Asian Music and Dance

U. Srinivas – Mandolin

For U. Srinivas and U. Rajesh the stage was simple: a large raiser seating the two mandolin brothers, V. Praveen on mridangam and S.V. Ramani on ghatam. 

Naturally, expectations are high when artists of this calibre are performing. They did not disappoint. Lasting about an hour and half, the set presented about a dozen compositions and improvisational pieces of varying moods, tempos and styles. Some were accompanied by some wonderful percussion weaving its way in and out of the melodic line. Others simple, hypnotic duet melodies played only on the mandolin, producing a sound that seemed to transcend the instrument.

Compared to his younger self, U. Shrinivas presented a more mature performance: fewer rapid staccato riffs and more flow, more soul and grace. If there was a minor quibble, it was the lack of a long ragaam tanam palavi in the middle of a concert. Maybe, it was felt that the audience couldn’t stomach this. I think they could have.



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